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The Benefits of Disposable Cartridges

Carts are a weed vaping accessory that are quickly becoming the most popular product category on cannabis shelves, with Californians shelling out $165 million in just four months this year alone, Coloradoans spending $62.4 million and Oregonians putting $31 million into their carts. These portable devices, which contain a combination of an oil chamber and battery, offer a convenient, discreet and efficient way to consume THC extracts. They’re also usually less pungent than flower and require no additional accessories, making them a great option for new users.

While cartridges are more complicated to use compared to disposable pens which are typically smaller and simpler, the structure of the devices often allows for more customizable features. Many have adjustable airflow systems, a temperature control setting and a rechargeable battery. The structure and complexity of these devices can be intimidating for new users, but if used correctly, they’re a powerful tool that delivers high-quality THC extracts at a fraction of the cost of flower.

In addition to offering a more discreet and efficient way of vaping THC, dispo carts come in a huge range of strains, flavors and potency strengths. The type of cart you choose will be dependent on your individual preferences and needs. For instance, if you’re looking for a potent THC experience, consider picking up a Rainbow Sherbet cartridge from Blue River, which holds a pre-measured gram of their delta 8 THC blend. This particular cartridge does not contain any additives, so you’ll be guaranteed to get a clean, strong and satisfying experience every time you press that button.

If you prefer a more natural, plant-like flavor, you can go with a live resin or full-spectrum cart. These extracts are made by preserving the freshness of a marijuana plant through flash freezing and then using a chemical process to get the cannabinoid and terpene content. Because this process preserves the plants natural terpene profile, these extracts often taste more like the actual cannabis plant than other types of THC oils that undergo distillation and are added back with synthetic terpenes.

Despite their higher price tag, these extracts are some of the best-tasting and most potent available. For those who want a clear cart that’s ready to go, check out a high-end selection from Denver’s finest, including the Clear Elite Orange Cream 1g and Dr. Zodiak Moonrock Clear Bobby Blue cart or the vapor-friendly Stiiizy Watermelon Z.

Aside from a few perks, vaporizing weed in a cart can be messy and inefficient if the device is not cleaned properly after each use. This is especially true with live resin carts, which are notorious for getting clogged up with wax residue, which can impede the performance of your device and result in inconsistent hits.

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